Welcome to The Derelict Chronicles

The Derelict Chronicles follows the Derelict family as they grow accustom to the ever changing world around them – primarily vindictive Puppet Masters, the living dead, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and goblins.

Generation 1:

Layla Derelict (married Sergio Quezada, police officer)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Exitlude (Choosing A New Heir)

Generation 2:

Ella (Derelict) Quezada (married Julian Mayberry, firefighter)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

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The Derelict Chronicles are Derelict :(



Kind of ironic on the name choice, huh?  So it’s been YEARS since this legacy blog was updated, and I’m actually kind of thinking of doing a new one with Sims 4.  After all the crashing and mod deletion on my Sims 3 game, I’ve kind of just given up on it.

Sooo, Derelict is gone, mostly because it was spiraling the drain anyway. The story was suffering and the characters were getting… blah.  SO.  If anyone still follows this blog or likes Legacy stories, keep an eye out – I might be starting a new one soon!

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Hiatuses Suck

So, I have to apologize for being AWOL for so long.  My game crashed (again) and lost the entire darn game… and then I go and get Into the Future and, lo and behold, ever since installing it I can’t get more than 5 minutes into the game without the whole thing crashing.

I know, sob sob.  Quit whining about it, right?  Well, until there’s a patch for ItF that fixes its glitchiness and makes it less prone to crashing… my hiatus will stretch on.

I will be back though!  I haven’t forgotten any of you!



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Generation 3 – Choose Our Heir!


Here we go again, folks!  Time to choose your heir!

Choice 1: Fennec


Fennec enjoys being alone – he thrives when it’s just himself or one close friend.  Unfortunately for Fennec, he doesn’t have any close friends.  His sister has made sure to ruin every chance he has at normalcy in his life.  Fennec enjoys the computer and has recently learned how to hack into bank accounts.  He has thought about making a go at a job with the criminal career track, however he fears retaliation from his insane sister if he steals her dream job.

Choice 2: Rebecca (Becca)


Becca can get away with murder. It is only recently that she has dropped her innocent, coy act and shown her true colors – crazy to the bone.  She is in love with her imaginary friend, Jelly Bean, who is now a real boy.  Jelly Bean seems a little off his rocker – he wears a bunny suit constantly.

Choice 3: Lillian (Lily)


Lily is a good-ol-girl with a heart of gold- even though she isn’t Ella’s biological child, Ella’s sister left Lily with her and blood is blood.  Lily helps out on the farm in her spare time, in addition to yoga, gymnastics, and the guitar.  She grew up with Colton and is very close to him as a result.

Choice 4: Colton


Colton has his father’s muscular good looks paired with his mother’s dark hair – he would be a knockout with the ladies if he ever scrounged up the courage to speak to them.  He is a quiet person and an old soul.  He doesn’t talk much, but his feelings and emotions really come out when he plays his upright bass.  He has also dabbled with the piano and the guitar – being a virtuoso from a young age, everyone expects him to do great things.

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The Derelict Chronicles: Gen 2, Chapter 7


Julian was given some time off of work during my last few weeks of pregnancy.  He helped out around the farm and took it upon himself to teach Zeus how to jump hurdles down at the equine center.  One day while he was saddling Zeus up and I was in the yard with Lily, I felt the telltale, sickening gut-wrench of my water breaking.

“The baby’s coming,” I gasped.

Julian hopped right back off of the horse and swatted his rump, sending his shooting ward the barn.  He scooped up Lily with one hand and took mine in his other.  “Lets go,” he said, gently.


For whatever reason, perhaps because I was so much older now than when I had Fennec and Becca, this pregnancy was much harder.  I was in labor for a little over seven hours and, when the baby boy finally emerged, I was just happy I could stop pushing.


Lily and Colton, the newest member of our family, grew to be quite close as they got older.  They were always together and would cry if separated – we learned very early on that sleeping in the same room was something we were going to have to do if we wanted a quiet night.


As they grew, it became more and more obvious that the two were like peas in a pod.  When one was hurting (usually Lily), the other would comfort.  When one was picked on at school (always Colton), the other would stand up and be the protector.

I was thrilled to have their connection, but had obvious apprehension.  I was quick to remind them that they were related if their rough housing or play seemed to get a little too close for comfort.


As Lily grew up, I got more and more nervous about her lack of attraction to any of the boys in her classes.  She was a sweet girl, though, and perhaps just a late-bloomer.  She helped out around the farm and was always close to the chicken coop, playing with the new chicks that seemed to hatch every few weeks, like clockwork.


Colton, too, found a distraction none of us were expecting – woodwind instruments.  He joined the school’s band and took up playing upright bass.  He was phenomenal at it, too.


To help him out with his practicing, we got Lily a guitar, which she would often jam on right along side Colton.  Their music was always bluesy and bordering on rockabilly.  They would make up songs and lyrics and belt them out loud in Lily’s room (we had to stop the room-sharing once they were teens, even though they were still a little annoyed about it).  The lyrics were usually about heartache or some other emotion neither of them had felt yet, but needless to say, Julian and I were just glad it wasn’t crude or sex-charged.


It was during Fennec and Becca’s last year of art school when I got the phone call.

“Mrs. Mayberry, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are expelling your son, Fennec Quezada.”

I wasn’t too stunned, but it still made me choke.  “Expelling?  Why? What did he-“

“No doubt you have seen the reports we send home about finding him fraternizing with the girls here, staying out past curfew, bringing alcohol onto our premises…”

The woman kept rambling before sighing.  “Frankly, we’re done with his behavior.  His sister, though an exemplary student, has also requested to come home.  We will be using the remainder of their tuition to purchase a flight back home for them.”


I held my daughter close, breathing in the smell of her. I had missed my children more than I realized until they were back.

Fennec was smug and seemed overly proud of himself when he proclaimed, “Well, Becca, might as well get the surprise over and done with.”

Becca beamed.  “Mom. Dad.  Remember Jelly Bean?  The real reason I went to France was to track down a special stone.  A stone that was a key ingredient to a potion that would make Jelly Bean real.”

“What?” Julian and I asked simultaneously.


And then Jelly Bean joined us.  I was instantly wary of him. He smelled like trouble – there was insanity in his eyes, too.  Not to mention he wore a bunny suit.

“Slut,” he snapped at me.


Becca quickly stepped between us and Julian stepped forward, anger on his face.

“Jelly Bean!” Becca snapped, putting a hand on his face.  “That’s my mom!  You need to be respectful to her! Okay?”

He muttered something else.  I just shook my head.  “He’s not sleeping in my house.”

“What?” Becca cried out, looking sad.  “Mom, you can’t-“

“He isn’t family, Becca, he’s not staying,” Julian agreed.  “We know nothing about him.”  Never mind the fact that dolls can’t just become real because you find a rock, his tone said.

Jelly Bean muttered some more, something that sounded oddly like, kill them, but Becca shushed him, holding him close.

“That’s final, Becca,” I added in seriously.  “He stays outside on the porch.  He cannot come into the house.”

“I get it!” She yelled hotly.  I turned my back on them and went inside, needing a strong drink.


I should have realized things wouldn’t be hunky-dory with four teens in the house.  Especially not when two of those had their father’s temper and were resistant to change.

“Get off my horse!” Becca was screaming at Lily.

“Mom asked me to trot him around, get him some exercise,” Lily tried defending herself.  “He needs a quick trot every morning.  She’s cleaning out his stall but if you wanted to ride him a bit-“


I sped up my step, going toward them when I saw the look in Becca’s eyes.  It was the look Beau used to get – the angry, hot look.  Becca strode forward and reached toward the reigns, as if the tug Zeus away from Lily.

But Zeus snapped his jaws at her, making Becca recoil in fear and Lily gasp.  “Zeus!” Lily exclaimed, trying to calm him down.  He kept stamping angrily at Becca, though, who finally tore off and into the house.

When Lily saw me, there were the beginnings of tears in her eyes.  She’d always been so sensitive.  “I swear I didn’t-“

“I know, Lily,” I sighed, walking into the house and after Becca.


Something had colored Becca’s world the green of envy.  She made fun of her siblings, all of them, relentlessly.  She was cruel and angry, even with Fennec.  And, to my surprise, Fennec seemed to really take her mocking words to heart.

When I walked in on and heated session of Becca detailing all of Fennec’s faults, I sent Becca to her room and had a sit-down with Fennec.

“What happened to your sister?”


He kind of smiled then shrugged.  “Nothing has happened to her, Mom.  That’s the thing.  She’s always been like this.  She was just better at hiding it from you.”

I didn’t understand what I was hearing.  “But she was always so sweet-“

He shook his head.  “She was whatever she wanted you to believe, Mom.  Seriously.  Now that she has what she wants –Jelly Bean — I don’t think any of us will be seeing the sweet side anymore.”

It couldn’t be that simple.  There had to be something else.

When Becca came down to say goodnight to Jelly Bean, who slept on the outdoor sofa, I cornered her.  “Becca, we need to talk.”

She rolled her eyes and slipped outside.  I sat up waiting in the living room until, finally, she came back in.  “What’d you want?” she asked.

I pointed to one of the chairs.  “Sit.”

She sat.

“Tell me why you’re acting this way. Being rude to your siblings – to your parents,” I added.

She crossed her arms and leaned on her knees, smirking.


“I’ll sit here all night if I have to,” I warned her.

She didn’t move and didn’t answer.  So I knelt beside her and did the same.


I finally let her go up to bed around three in the morning.  She still hadn’t spoken to me and I hated the proud look in her face, like she’d won something.

Julian was at the station for the next two days and nights – I wasn’t sure if I could take dealing with her alone for that long.

How do other parents do it? I wondered.  Or am I the only one who created a mysterious demon child?

I kept dreaming of that dark figure skirting around the corners of my room – the black and red tinged nightmare creature.

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The Derelict Chronicles: Gen 2, Chapter 6

Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46

Ariana had her first child, Lillian – Lily for short, after our mother’s favorite flowers.  Lily was a quiet child but content – always smiling or blinking at you as if she understood everything.

A few weeks after Lily’s birth, Dad was sleeping in layer than usual.  We didn’t think much of it until lunchtime, when he still hadn’t emerged.

I knew what it was before I went into his room.  I could feel the stillness on the other side of the door and I knew.


Dad has passed on, joining our mother.  The books beside him on the bed were all journals – both in his handwriting and hers.  Later on, after the funeral and burial, Ari and I looked through them.  Hers chronicled everything from the day she left the farm for college until the day before her death.

Some of it was mundane, some of it was about her fantastical life – her undead mother, her demon brother.

Our father’s journal, however, began two weeks after Mom’s funeral.  Each entry was a new love letter from the other side of the grave, telling her what happened on the farm; how I was growing up; how the grandchildren were; and most of all, how much he missed her and cherished her and couldn’t wait to be reunited when his time came.


Ariana was convinced Dad’s ghost was lingering in that bedroom.  She had taken to drinking a lot, though, and I had a feeling a lot of it was grief delusions.  She hadn’t been taking care of Lily since Dad’s death, so I took it upon myself as one of my many, many tasks (along with caring for the animals and children while Julian worked his hectic schedule as fire chief).


I honored my mother and father a little differently than Ariana chose to. Instead of drinking, I got inked.  My father had never been that great of an artist, but he had sketched up a tattoo design (of my mother, of course) he had always wanted to get.

I took it down to the tattoo parlor and got it placed on my lower back.


It wasn’t long after that Ariana started having a mid-life crisis.  One morning I woke up and her room was empty. Her things were gone, some of my jewelry had been taken, and all she left was Lily.  She abandoned her daughter, left her, and a quickly scrawled note on the crib.



Some days were easier than others, of course.  As time went on, I would find that some mornings all I could do was go into town, buy some flowers, and cry at my parents’ graves.  It was hard on me – being on the farm alone while Julian worked and the kids were at school, surrounded by a house and family grave that reeked of my beloved mother and father.

But, time heals all wounds.


Fennec became a strapping teen with an attitude and quicksilver tongue.  He began asking about getting in contact with Beau, which we forbade him from doing quickly.  He didn’t get what the big deal about talking to his real  dad was.  I was quick to remind him that his sperm donor killed my mother and that Julian was the only man who had shown any parental guidance to him – ever.  So that made Julian the real dad.  That shut him up rather quickly, to my surprise.


Becca became a willowy, pale skinned and freckled beauty who looked nothing like my mixed Hispanic and everything like Beau’s Irish heritage.  She was sweet and quirky and still swore up and down that Jelly Bean was real.  She didn’t mention him too much anymore, only when prompted.  I assumed she was realizing how crazy it sounded to have an imaginary friend at her age.


When I caught her kissing midair I couldn’t help but laugh, which resulted in an epic melt-down type of hysterics.  But not the kind I expected.

“MOM!  Can’t you see I need some PRIVACY?”

I rolled my eyes.  Teens.  “Whatever, princess,” I said as I breezed past her and into the kitchen, going for a carton of ice cream for breakfast.  Weird, but I was craving it.


“Mom, I have the best idea.”

Oh great.  I had been a lot more irritable lately, and the kids were really driving me nuts with their constant high school dramas.

“I want to go to boarding school. In France.  I know it’s sudden and it will cost a lot, but I don’t want any birthday or Snowflake Day presents to compensate.  Okay? Can I? Please?”

I blinked.  Boarding School?  Didn’t we used to threaten Boarding School when they were younger and misbehaving?  Didn’t they fear it above all else?

“What school?” I asked finally.

She looked started, like she didn’t expect me to ask that.  “Oh.  Um.  LeFromage?  The, um, art school?”

I narrowed my eyes.  “You made that up, didn’t you?”

She shook her head, her long tresses of flaming red hair spiraling around her.  “No!  No, really, it’s there.  And I want to go.”


“Go where?” Fennec asked, sounding bored, as he walked past.

“Boarding School,”  Becca replied quickly.  “In France!”

“Why does she get to go?!” he demanded, flying into a sudden and intense rage that startled me.  “I want to go!”

“Hold on, Jesus, calm down!” I exclaimed.  “Why do both of you want to go?”

“Art,” Becca said quickly.

“Women,” Fennec said just as quickly.


I looked between the two of my children tiredly.  “I’ll ask your father,” I sighed.

Becca whooped.  “He’ll for sure say yes!”


He said yes.  They left three days later on an early morning flight, excited and attempting to speak in French with what they had learned from three days of surfing the internet (and, in Fennec’s case, French porn).

My children were now on a plane going to France, farther away from me than they’d ever been.  It hurt my heart for them to be away from me, even though they were exhausting.  It hurt to be left with only my sister’s abandoned toddler and my stomach pains.

Julian left for another shift of three days on so he could come home for four straight days.  I spent the first two days in a stupor, cleaning the house and trying to entertain Lily.

When I woke up the third morning, what I saw didn’t make sense.  There was some kind of dream monster looming above me, his gleaming teeth glistening with saliva.  His red eyes glowing.


I was stunned into silence as I watched him lean in and grab me by the arms, hoisting me out of the bed.


When hos mouth lowered closer to mine, his teeth dripping the spittle and, who knows, maybe venom, I began screaming.  Lily, still in her crib, began to cry, her voice shrill.

The demon’s mouth covered mine and I lost all consciousness.

“What the fuck, Ella!”

I awoke with a start, blinking blearily at Julian who looked pissed.  “When was the last time you changed Lily! She’s been in here screaming since I got home!”

I pulled myself up.  I felt terrible, like I had been hit by a train.  “What…”

Julian was shaking his head, going over to the crib and letting Lily out.  “Jesus, Ella! She’s been sitting in her own filth all day?!  Are you on something?”


I’d never heard him so angry.  I stood and trudged over, trying to take Lily from him.  He batted me away.  “I got this,” he said gruffly, walking her into the next room, which contained her changing table.


We were silent at dinner until the tension got to be too much.  “I’m sorry,” I apologized again.  “I don’t know what happened. I don’t even know how I slept that long or didn’t hear her.  It must be the…” my voice faltered and I realized I had missed my period – two months now.


He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I’m pregnant,” I groaned.

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The Derelict Chronicles: Gen 2, Chapter 5 (NSFW)

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5

The next days passed in a blur.  The kids were going to be preteens soon and I was anxiously watching them to see what kind of children they might be.  Fennec was more and more like his biological father daily – harsh at times, but with a sweet streak that caught you off guard, too.

Becca, though… I was worried about Becca.  She and Jelly Bean were inseparable – never mind that I never saw the stuffed toy anymore, just Becca prattling on to thin air, hugging thin air, pillow-fighting with thin air.

She was going to be a teen soon. Wasn’t she supposed to be growing out of this imaginary friend business?  Whenever I tried talking to Becca about it, she would shrug and say that he would be real soon, anyway, and then I would see.


The morning of our wedding was wet and rainy, but we had a canopy over the arch and seating, so it wasn’t too terrible.  It was a very intimate affair – my father was there and walked me down the metaphorical aisle; the kids were there; and my siblings were there.   Julian’s parents were both out of country and couldn’t be bothered to return.  I didn’t mind – they never made an effort to see us or the kids, which to me was in essence writing us off.  Family wasn’t supposed to do that.

I didn’t dwell on that, though – it was my wedding day!


I have never known a love like I felt that morning, standing there looking into Julian’s sweet, open, and caring face.


Insert the groan of two kids who think they’re too cool for kissing.


A tickle-fight broke out – my dad seemed really concerned.


And a dance-off.  Julian won, but it was close.

After he wedding, the multitude of pictures began.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-24

Ariana was pregnant, as it turned out.  Not only was she pregnant – she was now living with Brayden.

“He left me,” she moaned about her husband, and only then did I realize the missing ring on her finger.

“What?” I demanded, eyes wide.  “Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”

She waved it off. “You’re busy, I didn’t want to bother you with it.  He was just being an asshole.  He took off with some younger redhead and… urg.  I mean, I don’t know what to think. Sure, I was having an affair, too – oh, and he’s gone since I got fat,” she added miserably.

I looked at her with a mix of concern and shock.  “Ari… why were you cheating?”

She shrugged. “I wasn’t happy.”


“That’s not really a reason to-“

“Hey, Judgemental Judy,” she snapped, “step back and stop harrassing me.  I am paying for my mistakes, okay?”

I took a breath.  “You’re right. I’m sorry.  Look, you can stay with us for a bit. We have more than enough room, and I know Brayden’s place is small.”

She smiled softly.  “Well, it would be nice to have room for a crib…”

I nodded. “You’re family, Ari.  And this is our home. You’re always welcome.”


The ‘reception’ was really just us kids getting drunk and acting like fools.  Brayden and I engaged in our old ‘Shaka Bra’ hand motions and took to speaking in surfer slang for a good part of the night.

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-37

Brayden and Ariana cut loose after a little too much Patron. Screenshot-38

Julian and I were a little more refined.


Once Brayden and Ariana left for the night, Julian went upstairs to the bedroom and I took a detour into the spared bedroom bathroom, where I had hidden my surprise for tonight.  When I walked into the bedroom wearing some red brocade and black lace, I could tell Julian was impressed with my choice.


Once I was on top of him, I could really tell he was liking it.


We didn’t waste much time.  It had been years coming, and now, finally, I was able to enjoy another person’s body, and have them enjoy mine, without having to worry about rape or abuse.


For the first time, I was completely satisfied with my life.

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The Derelict Chronicles: Gen 2, Chapter 4


Things got better as time passed.  Julian and I began the awkward two-step of dating, but we never one stayed overnight or had any sexual contact other than a few make out sessions that almost pushed the ticket.   But I was happy learning how to be in a functioning relationship – I was too damaged to jump into something physical.

Becca was growing like a weed.  I spent as much time as I could with her while Fennec was at school and in between my chores on the farm.

It was because I was spending more time with Becca that my mother took it upon herself to start milking the cows every evening.


Something had been off in the air.  I knew before it had even happened, I think.  I remembered smelling something familiar, something chemically and disgusting that turned my stomach.  Something that I always associated with Beau.

The scream echoed through the islet.

I was outside in an instant and stopped on the porch when I saw her, my mother, lying on the ground.  I stood there, a hand over my mouth, shaking from the sheer fear that enveloped me.


My father went to her in an instant, picking up her limp form and trying to stem the blood leaking from her punctured throat.  “Call an ambulance!” he kept screaming at me in between his sobs.


By the time the ambulance arrived, she had been long gone.  A knife wound to her jugular bled out in an instant, even my my dad trying to hold the wound shut.  The knife was found on the port leading off of the island.  I knew whose finger prints would be on it.  I knew it had been Beau.

I went inside and up to my room, screaming into my pillow.  I fell asleep like that, my tear-stained face mashed into a wet pillow.


Time went on, as time does.  My mother was buried in the family plot and my father was always on the back porch, staring mournfully at the gravestone.

Jasper, too, sat near the family plot and and night, as if standing guard or trying to call Layla out to play.  His old, wizened muzzle would whimper every once in a while.  Until, one day, he too passed.  We knew he would be with Layla now; his favorite place to be.



Becca’s birthday wasn’t too long after – we were excited to see her age up with a sudden interest in books and reading and anything studious. I knew she, unlike myself, would make it to college.  She had the motivation and the smarts for it.

For her birthday, I had commissioned a barn to be built where mom’s old garden had been.  Giving in to all of Becca’s pleading, we were going to get her a horse.  Well, Julian was getting her the horse – his father bred them and he promised he would find a gentle but spirited one for Becca.


After Becca’s party, Julian took me out onto the back deck overlooking the water.  We sat and watched the sun sink lower when he suddenly started laughing.  “You know, Becca isn’t the only one I got a present for.”

“What?” I asked, confused.


“Hold on,” he bade me, standing up.  I followed suit, but he held me in place.  “Just a second, impatient!”  He was still chuckling as he fished around in his pocket for box.  When he removed it and presented it to me, I knew what it was immediately.  I didn’t even bother opening the box – I launched myself into his arms.

Screenshot-17He held me close, snuggling his face into my neck.  “I take it that’s a yes?”

“Of course!” I breathed excitedly.  “Of course!”


A few weeks before the wedding, dad got a call from the police.  I was milking Bette, one of our cows, and my heart leapt when I heard him speaking to the officer.

“You caught him?  Beau?  You really – well yes, yes of course!  The DNA on the knife, it matched?”  He listened for a while and his relieved look became a bit clouded.  “There was more than one trace of blood? Other than Layla’s?”

Silent for a while.  I stopped my milking and came over to stand near dad, trying to hear better.

I couldn’t hear anything.  Instead I heard father sigh deeply.  “Thank you, officer.  Have a good night.”


“Dad?” I asked hesitantly.

He turned to me, his eyes watering.  “Ella, I need to talk to you.  I don’t know how without your mother, but… there are things you need to know about before I go.  Before I pass.  Things you must know to-“

“Dad,” I interrupted sternly.  “Really.  You’re right here. Nothing will-“

He shook his head.  “There is evil in this world, Ella, that your mother and I have seen.  You have no idea how much evil.  Demons.”  He shood his head.  “I wish we hadn’t run off your grandmother. If there was one thing she was good at, it was explaining the curse.”

I was pretty sure dad had gone officially nuts.

“Dad, there’s no way Grandma is still alive,” I murmured softly.  “I mean, I have her old number, but she can’t still be alive.  You and mom are old.  She would have to be… God.  I don’t know… I thought someone would have told you when she-“

“She’s alive, child,” he groaned.  “Call her. You’ll see.  But tell her that murderer Jeremie isn’t allowed on our land.”


The call had been answered by someone who sounded just like my grandmother – only sadder.  When I invited her, and only her, over to speak with myself and my father, she agreed in an instant.

I don’t know what I expected, but when she came through the front door, my heart stopped. She looked so young.  Maybe five years older than myself.

She came in and got right to business.  “So, Sergio, you wish me to tell Ella about the curse?”

Sergio nodded once, short and clipped.

She sighed and settled herself on the couch.  “Lets begin where we always begin, shall we?  A long, long time ago, your great-great-great grandfather-“


Faeries, demons, curses, and a promised land?  My head was reeling.  “This makes no sense,” I said more than once.

Julian kissed my cheek, reaching around me to make himself a drink.  “I think it makes perfect sense.  I mean, you saw your grandmother. That’s not natural.”

“How can you be so okay with this?” I asked huffily, taking another gulp of my gin and tonic.  It tasted terrible, but I needed something to take the edge off before I started pulling my hair out.

He shrugged.  “I don’t see anything so wrong with it.  So we have to live on this island and take care of the animals and land?  We needed to do that anyway.  I can sell my house and we can all live here.”

“I like your house,” I mumbled, sounding like a grouchy three year old.


“So long as we’re together, I couldn’t care less,” he murmured in my hair.  “Now, lets get you to bed.  Tomorrow, we can talk about faeries and demons all we want.  But first – sleep.”

“You can stay over, you know?” I offered with a yawn.  “You don’t have to go all the way back to your place.”

He smiled and kissed me.  “You’re drunk and I am respecting your previous wishes to remain chaste for another six days.”

“You knight in shining armor, you,” I groused, turning and heading toward my bedroom.

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