The Derelict Chronicles: Gen 2, Chapter 5 (NSFW)

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The next days passed in a blur.  The kids were going to be preteens soon and I was anxiously watching them to see what kind of children they might be.  Fennec was more and more like his biological father daily – harsh at times, but with a sweet streak that caught you off guard, too.

Becca, though… I was worried about Becca.  She and Jelly Bean were inseparable – never mind that I never saw the stuffed toy anymore, just Becca prattling on to thin air, hugging thin air, pillow-fighting with thin air.

She was going to be a teen soon. Wasn’t she supposed to be growing out of this imaginary friend business?  Whenever I tried talking to Becca about it, she would shrug and say that he would be real soon, anyway, and then I would see.


The morning of our wedding was wet and rainy, but we had a canopy over the arch and seating, so it wasn’t too terrible.  It was a very intimate affair – my father was there and walked me down the metaphorical aisle; the kids were there; and my siblings were there.   Julian’s parents were both out of country and couldn’t be bothered to return.  I didn’t mind – they never made an effort to see us or the kids, which to me was in essence writing us off.  Family wasn’t supposed to do that.

I didn’t dwell on that, though – it was my wedding day!


I have never known a love like I felt that morning, standing there looking into Julian’s sweet, open, and caring face.


Insert the groan of two kids who think they’re too cool for kissing.


A tickle-fight broke out – my dad seemed really concerned.


And a dance-off.  Julian won, but it was close.

After he wedding, the multitude of pictures began.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-24

Ariana was pregnant, as it turned out.  Not only was she pregnant – she was now living with Brayden.

“He left me,” she moaned about her husband, and only then did I realize the missing ring on her finger.

“What?” I demanded, eyes wide.  “Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”

She waved it off. “You’re busy, I didn’t want to bother you with it.  He was just being an asshole.  He took off with some younger redhead and… urg.  I mean, I don’t know what to think. Sure, I was having an affair, too – oh, and he’s gone since I got fat,” she added miserably.

I looked at her with a mix of concern and shock.  “Ari… why were you cheating?”

She shrugged. “I wasn’t happy.”


“That’s not really a reason to-“

“Hey, Judgemental Judy,” she snapped, “step back and stop harrassing me.  I am paying for my mistakes, okay?”

I took a breath.  “You’re right. I’m sorry.  Look, you can stay with us for a bit. We have more than enough room, and I know Brayden’s place is small.”

She smiled softly.  “Well, it would be nice to have room for a crib…”

I nodded. “You’re family, Ari.  And this is our home. You’re always welcome.”


The ‘reception’ was really just us kids getting drunk and acting like fools.  Brayden and I engaged in our old ‘Shaka Bra’ hand motions and took to speaking in surfer slang for a good part of the night.

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-37

Brayden and Ariana cut loose after a little too much Patron. Screenshot-38

Julian and I were a little more refined.


Once Brayden and Ariana left for the night, Julian went upstairs to the bedroom and I took a detour into the spared bedroom bathroom, where I had hidden my surprise for tonight.  When I walked into the bedroom wearing some red brocade and black lace, I could tell Julian was impressed with my choice.


Once I was on top of him, I could really tell he was liking it.


We didn’t waste much time.  It had been years coming, and now, finally, I was able to enjoy another person’s body, and have them enjoy mine, without having to worry about rape or abuse.


For the first time, I was completely satisfied with my life.

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