Generation 3 – Choose Our Heir!


Here we go again, folks!  Time to choose your heir!

Choice 1: Fennec


Fennec enjoys being alone – he thrives when it’s just himself or one close friend.  Unfortunately for Fennec, he doesn’t have any close friends.  His sister has made sure to ruin every chance he has at normalcy in his life.  Fennec enjoys the computer and has recently learned how to hack into bank accounts.  He has thought about making a go at a job with the criminal career track, however he fears retaliation from his insane sister if he steals her dream job.

Choice 2: Rebecca (Becca)


Becca can get away with murder. It is only recently that she has dropped her innocent, coy act and shown her true colors – crazy to the bone.  She is in love with her imaginary friend, Jelly Bean, who is now a real boy.  Jelly Bean seems a little off his rocker – he wears a bunny suit constantly.

Choice 3: Lillian (Lily)


Lily is a good-ol-girl with a heart of gold- even though she isn’t Ella’s biological child, Ella’s sister left Lily with her and blood is blood.  Lily helps out on the farm in her spare time, in addition to yoga, gymnastics, and the guitar.  She grew up with Colton and is very close to him as a result.

Choice 4: Colton


Colton has his father’s muscular good looks paired with his mother’s dark hair – he would be a knockout with the ladies if he ever scrounged up the courage to speak to them.  He is a quiet person and an old soul.  He doesn’t talk much, but his feelings and emotions really come out when he plays his upright bass.  He has also dabbled with the piano and the guitar – being a virtuoso from a young age, everyone expects him to do great things.

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2 Responses to Generation 3 – Choose Our Heir!

  1. ts3stories says:

    Do we vote in the comments section? Gah, I’m really torn between the choices… 😛

  2. Sinny says:

    Colton, Colton!

    Also, just here to say that I’ve just gotten into this, and I love it! Although I;d love the supernatural element to come back into it.

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