Characters: The Derelict Chronicles


Layla Derelict and Sergio Quezada

Layla was our founder to the Derelict name, however generations of Derelicts stretch out behind her – all of them dead.  Some of them undead.  Layla’s life revolves around tending to the crops and making sure her home is spotless – as well as making sure her children grow up in some semblance of decency.

Sergio helps on the farm, however he also works part-time at the local police precinct.  He is still searching for Layla’s elusive brother, a half-demon who come around and makes trouble for the family now and then. 


Brayden Derelict

Brayden was Layla’s first born, bastard-son to Aric Stacy.  Aric died before Brayden was born.  Breyden is like his father – he dresses well, exudes confidence, and is a total ladykiller.  He loves women, especially older, wealthy women.  He is very bright and very crafty, although he does poorly in his classes due to attitude and attendance.


Ella Quezada

Ella is much like her father; she is aloof and quiet, always studying and trying to better herself.  She secretly hates her siblings because she feels that they get more attention than her – even though she turns away what attention is given.  She secretly hates her parents and their happiness and wishes for nothing more than an accident to befall one of them.  She dreams of running away to Paris and becoming a famous singer.


Ariana Quezada

Ariana was pampered by her father while growing up and frequently got out of trouble with a few bats of her eyelashes.  She is a complete flirt and trouble maker, but her big doe-eyes get her out of almost anything.  She and Brayden are thick as thieves, but she loves tormenting her older, more conservative sister.  She is exceedingly bright and knows just how to worm her way out of trouble.



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